Three Tips For Making Your Home Spacious For Summer

Make More Space At Home

Summer is really creeping up on us and have you got it prepared yet so that it’s ready for when the kids finish school?

They’ll need things to keep them occupied at home over the six or so weeks, and it will help if they have lots of space to do the things they enjoy.

If you lack space, and with it too late to have a conservatory or orangery installed in time, you need to think how you can create it.

Orion Windows can advise on that:


Being a parent is an all-consuming job and it’s perhaps made you put decluttering to the back of your mind. Pencil in a date to get it done and see if anyone is willing to help you to make it quicker and easier.

Try and free up that floor space as much as you can, and see if there’s any items in wardrobes, cupboards and on shelves that you no longer need and can pass on to someone else or chuck out.

After a good decluttering you can then assess how you could store things more efficiently. For instance, using your walls more might be an option.

A woman decluttering the house

Aluminium windows

The trick of the light can make a home’s interior feel more spacious than it is in reality, assisted if it can bounce around off light-coloured walls and reflective surfaces.

Your windows are one of the main sources of light transference and if you switch from traditional windows to aluminium windows, your house will receive far more of it, due to the very slim aluminium profile.

Having windows that house so much glass will have an enormous impact.

Aluminium windows

Large glazed door

Children should be encouraged to head outside into the garden and the addition of bi-folding doors or a sliding door will help with that if they provide a direct connection from house to garden.

You will have them open for most of the summer and this will entice natural light indoors, and also keep the place well-ventilated on those hotter days.

On the rare times they are shut, such as towards sunset, the slenderness of their frames will ensure they still draw in a healthy amount of external light.

Large glazed doors in an extension

Request a quote for one of our spectacular feature doors or aluminium windows and you’ll discover that they’re more affordable than you might think.


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