The Advantages Of Fitting A Solid Roof

We anticipate that one of the biggest selling products at Orion Windows this winter will be our solid roof range. A solid roof can be retrospectively added to various styles of conservatory, orangery and porch or come ready-fitted in a newly built conservatory, orangery or porch.

Gable Styled Solid Roof

Available in lightweight slates or lightweight tiles, it takes a matter of hours to integrate a solid roof into a new or existing structure.

Why do we expect such exceptional demand for solid roofs at this time of the year? We explain everything in the first of the many different product advantages of this outstanding home improvement solution:

  1. Improved thermal efficiency

Some home extensions get exceptionally cold in winter and it’s because the current roofing system offers ineffective insulation.

Removing the old roof and putting a solid roof in its place will enhance thermal efficiency and protect the extension from the weather. You will then be able to utilise the space in comfort throughout the year and because of a significant reduction in heat loss, you will save money on energy costs.

  1. Adds value

Most property experts claim that a conservatory can add around 7 per cent to the overall valuation of a home, but that is unlikely if the conservatory fails to provide necessary warmth in cold conditions.

The addition of a solid roof will restore its value and better justify the price tag you place on your residence.

  1. Natural look

When substituting an old roof for a solid roof the last thing you want is for the replacement roof covering to look completely out of place with the styling of the extension or porch and with your abode.

There’s little chance of that being the case as the lightweight slates / tiles look virtually identical to traditional slates / tiles and you can have them finished in a colour that best complements the surroundings.

  1. Cuts noise

We all crave a bit of peace and quiet sometimes and a conservatory should provide you with that exact kind of ambience.

External noise is less likely to disturb you from switching off when you have a solid roof as it’s renowned for its noise reducing qualities.

Go for the Guardian Warm Roof™ System

Orion Windows can create a solid roof for traditional conservatories, orangeries or porches and custom-built designs. Make the first move towards a permanently cosy home extension by requesting a FREE no obligation quote.


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