What Style Of Solid Roof Will Suit Your Conservatory Or Orangery?

One of our most in demand products every summer are our solid roofing systems and the interest shown in them comes from customers that both already own a conservatory or orangery, or are looking to buy one.

Solid roofs are viewed as a lifeline for ageing extensions that seriously burn up internally when exposed to high temperatures as their installation permanently stops this from happening. After hearing about the effectiveness of solid roofs for doing this, a good number of people specify their inclusion for their new-build extensions so that they’re assured of comfortable surrounds in extreme heat.

Orion is as much of a fan of solid roofs as anybody, and we have two different forms of a solid roof in stock which is done by the reputed Robin Hood Roofing company very professionally to all its clients.


Careful and clever engineering has made the revolutionary UltraRoof one of the easiest and quickest roofing systems you can fit, as well as the lightest tiled conservatory roofing system you will come across.

With a covering made up of realistic tiles, the UltraRoof is also the most thermally efficient warm roof system around and its standard U-value is unbelievably low (0.17).

It is an adaptable design. You can have full rectangular glass panels (solar controlled panels if you wish) added to it so that you don’t need roof windows to help bring in lots of natural space into the space.

The UltraRoof is also one of very few roofing systems to have approval of LABC (Local Authority Building Control) and LABSS (Local Authority Building Standards Scotland). This will increase your chances of receiving Building Regulations Approval, something you’re likely to need.

Replacement Tiled Roof

We call it a ‘replacement’ tiled roof, but it doesn’t always have to serve as a replacement roof. You can have it included in your new conservatory or orangery design too.

Provided with either weather-resistant lightweight tiles or lightweight slates in a fantastic choice of traditional coloured finishes, it is constructed using a rigid insulation board and insulated plywood.

Fitting a solid roof in place of an old glass or polycarbonate roof will cause a loss of natural light from an existing structure, but you only need to ask for one or more roof windows to be incorporated into it to solve that issue.


So, back to the initial question. Well, the honest answer is that either of these solid roof styles will work perfectly with your conservatory or orangery, and also help your extension complement your house. Click here to read more about our solid roofs and make up your own mind.




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