The Ultimate Guide To Orion’s Window Ranges

Wintry weather can really take its toll on your windows and leave them looking less than pretty come the summertime.

No-one wants unsightly windows when there’s extended daylight hours as they create a bad impression, which is why it leads to lots of homeowners replacing their windows prior to our sunniest season.

Orion Windows regularly experiences an increase in window sales about now and this year is no different. We have the widest selection of windows in Yorkshire, though this makes it problematic for people to choose a favourite.

It helps if you have an understanding of some of the most popular options available. Here is a short overview of three of them:

Tilt & Turn Windows:

Tilt & Turn windows are without doubt the most versatile window design available thanks to how they’re cleverly engineered.

A single turn of the handle results in the window tilting inwards and creates a top opening for ventilation. This avoids the need to open the window wide and potentially cause an obstruction.

When in a closed position an upwards turn of the handle will result in the window opening inwardly from the side, ideal for when you want to let lots of outdoor air into your home. Having the window in this position also makes cleaning it easy.


  • Offers excellent weather protection
  • Simple maintenance
  • Excellent security
  • Comes in various finishes and glazing options

Casement Windows:

Casement windows are a design that most people will recognise. Hinged at the top or side, they have outward opening panes that can be crafted is various shapes and sizes. They tend to have very slender frames, but despite their slim profile they are immensely strong.


  • Available double or triple glazed
  • High Window Energy Rating
  • Comes in numerous finishes and glazing options

Triple Glazing

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that a triple glazed window contains three panes of glass within one single window unit. Previously triple glazing was reserved for colder countries like those in Scandinavia, but they’re now widely available in the UK.


  • An impressive U-value of just 0.8W/m2k can be achieved with standard specification glass in a triple glazed window
  • Enhances thermal efficiency
  • Improves acoustic performance
  • Slimmer than you would imagine
  • Comes in numerous finishes and glazing options

Pop in and see a world of windows

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