Reasons Why Double Glazing Is The Way Forward

Sick of being bombarded with advertisements regarding double glazing? If you are, it can confidently be predicted that you have not yet looked into it as in-depth as you should have. Those who still have old windows placed in their home really are missing a trick as it offers numerous benefits.

Energy efficiency

Large quantities of heat generated in the home are lost through old windows. This is damaging to the planet and your bank account as the cost of energy is sky high nowadays. Double glazing will help you save money on energy for a minimum of 20 years. It is well worth calculating how much you could potentially save in that time.

Low maintenance

Old windows need constant care and attention as they age. Rotting, warping and flaking means that you regularly have to give them a fresh lick of paint. Double glazing in Yorkshire needs no such treatment as it can be left alone to look great, whatever the weather.


The multi-point locking system fitted onto a new window will help keep your home secure from intrusion. They also come internally glazed so that removal of glass from the outside is near impossible.


The majority of us live near a major road and the noise of passing traffic can be a nuisance at certain times of the day. The thick composition of both frame and glass will combine to keep out as much outside interference as possible.

Varied designs

You no longer have to settle for a bog standard looking window as there are now a variety of window types on the market. Tilt & Turn, Sash, Whitegrain etc. are just a few examples. There are also huge arrays of colours to choose between as with conservatories, from traditional brilliant white to eye-catching and unique finishes such as red.


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