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Every house in Britain has potentials that are waiting to be discovered, yours included, whether you live in a country cottage, old farmhouse, modern apartment or traditional terrace.

Summer is a good time to uncover them and all it needs is some DIY, TLC and imaginative thinking. With those three things, you will be astonished at what is achievable within your four walls.  

If it seems too daunting a job, you can always seek expert advice from the many home influencers there are on the web. 

The nuggets of ‘Homespiration’ they offer can fuel your own mind with ideas. They have certainly fuelled ours, as we share some of the great tips we’ve picked up from them:

Try an open-plan arrangement

Visit any new showhomes in your area and chances are they will have an open-plan layout within them, most typically organised as a kitchen-diner-living space – it’s the modern trend. 

Would open-plan living suit your home lifestyle? If you think so, we’re sure you could remodel your interior to establish it as many old Victorian terraces and semi-detached homes have been successfully remodelled for this purpose. 

Open-plan spaces need a very distinct kind of atmosphere, just so you know. They should be bright and cosy, whilst offering a wealth of spaciousness and practicality. You also want a sufficient amount of privacy in the space. Take this all into consideration before you proceed with changing your home setup for this layout.

Prepare a window seat

We all need time to ourselves, but how do you get it in a house full of people? 

Find some kind of quiet spot, perhaps at one of your windows, where you can put a bench or trunk underneath, cover it with a padded base, add a cushion or two and take a seat for a moment’s peace. 

Use the time to read a book or catch-up on the latest gossip in your favourite celeb magazine. Otherwise, just do some people watching out the window to switch off a bit. 

In the winter months, you can always switch to a cosy armchair in front of your burning logfire.

Create zones in the garden

Holidays abroad this summer appear to be strictly off limits, but it will save you money and you can always have a fun time holidaying at home. 

You need to put your garden at the centre of it all. If it’s on the large size, you should separate it into zones, with areas specifically meant for dining, playing and relaxing. 

The dining zone is where you can have all your al fresco meals and the playing zone is where the kids can take to their paddling pools or run around having water fights with each other. 

Once your stomachs are filled and playtime is over, do some camping in the back garden, with all your tents pitched up in the relaxing zone. It will soften the blow of not being able to head for the skies.

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