Which Replacement Door From Orion Will You Buy?

You should never put off getting a new front door for your home if you know it’s no longer resilient enough or no longer pretty enough. Staying overly loyal to your door in either of these circumstances could be leaving the place open to potential theft, and you risk people levelling criticism at the condition of the house, all because of a solitary door.

Green Composite Door

Make getting a new replacement door your main priority if yours is very obviously on its last legs, but, don’t be hasty with your choice of door. Only commit to a substitute after becoming acquainted with every replacement door style available at Orion.

UPVC Doors

The commercial availability of UPVC doors started in the 1970’s, and almost 50 years on, the UPVC door remains a household favourite. Why is that?

UPVC doors are less costly than most other door solutions, low-maintenance, thermally efficient, and nowadays they’re available in a host of coloured finishes, not just white. There’s such an array of UPVC door styles that you’re guaranteed to find a door that complements new-build and traditional properties.

Composite Doors

You needn’t feel foolish for mistaking a composite door for a traditional timber door as they do look extremely similar. Composite doors have that same woodgrain effect and the reason why is because they’re partially constructed from timber, amongst a series of other materials.

It’s this amalgamation of materials that makes a composite door amazingly thick, and the thickness of the frame is one of the reasons why it’s so strong and tough. Most RAL colours can be recreated and implemented into a composite door frame.

Aluminium Doors

For a door with an exhilarating up-to-the-minute look, an aluminium door is what you’re after – it oozes with class from whatever angle you observe it.

Unless you opt for a fully panelled door, choose attractive, decorative glazing for any available glazed sections to give your aluminium door further presence. Your chosen finish will be applied via a multi-stage, powder-coating process as that adds more depth to the colour.

Timber Doors

We have ironed out all the problems that cause traditional timber doors to lose their appearance and resilience when developing our engineered timber doors. Styled using the same principles, they provide far greater quality in terms of endurance and aesthetics.

You will never find yourself repairing or repainting the door after a few short years, nor will it become simple to force open, when locked, after a few short years. We like to describe them as timber doors without the trouble.


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