Looking For A Wow Factor? What About A Glass To Floor Conservatory?

There’s a very easy way to tell the difference between a conservatory and orangery and it’s the amount of glass used that’s the giveaway – conservatories contain a higher volume of glass than orangeries, while orangeries have a higher proportion of brickwork than conservatories.

Glass-to-Floor Conservatory

This richness of glass in a conservatory design isn’t enough for some as they want more of it. They can have it too as it is possible to create a glass-to-floor conservatory where the glazing stretches from almost top to bottom.

Built using a UPVC, aluminium or Heritage frame, a glass-to-floor conservatory is a spectacular sight and achievable by omitting the usual dwarf wall. Losing the dwarf wall enables those very lengthy glazed panels to be included.

Having glass at every turn inside of this remarkable conservatory offers its occupants a series of benefits:

Superb transparency

All that glass supplies you with near complete transparency, so the view of your garden and the outdoor environment will be exceptional and leave you utterly captivated. You will find yourself admiring the view on a frequent basis.

Added spaciousness

Most people invest in a conservatory for the extra bit of spaciousness it will add to their home. Because there’s so much glass in this particular design and so much light travelling in, it makes a glass-to-floor conservatory feel even more spacious than it actually is.

Health boost

Scientific research has found that exposure to sunlight can have a hugely positive effect on our wellbeing. The extra bit of energy that it gives you will be beneficial if you have plans to use the conservatory as a work space as it will make you productive.

Thermal efficiency

The wealth of glass in this conservatory style may worry some people for fear that the structure will overheat in summer. But, a glass-to-floor conservatory utilises thermally efficient glass and can cope with high external temperatures, making sure that they don’t impact on the comfort levels inside.

Set new standards in your neighbourhood

A glass-to-floor conservatory is certain to get people talking and will improve your home like you never imagined possible. Arrange a callback to chat it through with an Orion Windows’ consultant.



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