Orangery Information

Some people are wondering what an orangery is. We have some great Orangery Information
for you.

One feature of our Orangeries is that we utilise brickwork and stone columns within the design, so that you don’t have the conservatory bay pole or corner posts you would normally find with Conservatory.


Also, we tend to fit internal lighting with down-lighters which helped to creare a great look to the inside of the orangery, and sets it apart from a normal conservatory. An orangery is more open and light than a conservatory, due to having high amounts of glazing and more often than not, a glass roof.


There are numerous orangery designs available, including Edwardian Orangeries, Different Shaped Orangeries and more modern oranageries.

The real advantage of Orion Windows’ orangeries is that they are very affordable. So if you’re looking for a quote, look no further, our free online quote will mean an industry expert will contact you with information very shortly.


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