A Conservatory Or Orangery Could Work Wonders In Your Home

There are many different forms of home extension. Some people look to develop and renovate an unused loft, while others may transform half of a double garage when they want to add extra room to their property. However, by far the most popular way of extending a home is courtesy of a conservatory or orangery. They do have their similarities, but it is their differences that set them apart.


The usual main purpose of conservatories and orangeries is to add new-found space to a property. Both types of extension offer this in abundance, but the orangery provides even more room than any style of conservatory could offer. However, there are a certain conservatory designs which can overcome a lack of space such as the lean-to conservatory, something which the orangery cannot match.


An orangery will cost you more than a conservatory, but some would say that this price is reflected in the extra space it brings. Whichever of the two extensions you decide to invest your money in, you can be assured that they will add value to your home and retain that value well into the future. If you ever decide to sell up you could get your money back and even more.


All conservatories are made up using UPVC, a material which is a great insulator of heat, meaning that little or no energy will pass through it. Whereas, an orangery is predominantly made up of traditional brickwork which means that it will usually blend in with your property that little more easily. Whichever you choose you can be sure that they will provide you with style and warmth that your home deserves.

If you currently have double glazing in your home you will understand how home improvements such as these can make such a difference to your home life.


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