4 Tips For Improving Your Home Security

It’s at this time of the year when all of our thoughts turn to our holidays. Millions of us will be taking to the skies and heading for sunnier climes over the next few weeks, but when doing so you need to be absolutely certain that your home is totally secure. Nobody wants to return from an amazing vacation only to find out that the home they consider to be their castle has been broken into.

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Before locking the front door for the final time and heading for the airport, you’d be wise to take every possible precaution to protect your property. You will feel so much happier leaving Blighty when you do that.

Follow our 4-step guide to putting the mockers on burglars while you’re holidaying

  1. Install replacement windows and doors

Your existing windows and doors may have been in position for many years and over time their powers of strength may have diminished.

If you push these windows and doors when they’re locked and you notice the slightest bit of give, it’s an obvious sign that they need replacing.

Modern windows / doors come with multi-point locking mechanisms and a very resilient frame, so the chances of them being forced open are slim.

  1. Appoint a house-sitter

Rather than leave your home unoccupied for the duration of your travels, ask a family member or trusted close friend to either live in the house in your absence or at least make regular visits.

They could go round in the morning to remove any post from the letterbox and then in the evening to shut your curtains.

  1. Fit an alarm system

It’s very “alarming” when you discover that seven out of ten British homes don’t have a burglar alarm.

Perhaps it’s the cost of buying and fitting a reliable system that puts people off, but it shouldn’t, as this audible deterrent will usually be enough to give anyone second thoughts about breaking in unlawfully. Just think about how much money an alarm will potentially save you.

  1. Join / Set-up Neighbourhood Watch scheme

There are presently over 150,000 Neighbourhood Watch schemes in the UK and their aim is to reduce crime in areas.

Ask if you can join an existing Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your area, or if one doesn’t exist, why not set-up one and encourage other local householders to be a part of it.

You can all look-out for one another’s homes and inform your fellow members if you witness any suspicious activity going on.

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