What Is A Loggia?

You’ve heard of a conservatory and orangery, but something that may be less familiar within our extensive product range is the Loggia conservatory.

The luxurious Loggia has only been available for a couple of years and always has this unending ability to instantly capture the attention of visitors to our showroom. That’s because it looks stunning and like nothing else.

It shares many of the characteristics you associate with both a brick-built extension and the traditional conservatory.

A huge amount of effort went into producing the Loggia to give it that elegant look and extraordinary feel, a combination of Italian design and British engineering.

A modern twist on many similar buildings dating back to the time of the Italian renaissance, the Loggia combines contemporary stylishness and solidity thanks to the inclusion of the meticulously crafted roof and corner columns, pristine glazing and beautiful plastered walls.

This makes it all the more remarkable that it can be constructed very quickly, or you can even convert an existing conservatory into this most spectacular of innovations.

No other home extension that precedes the Loggia can offer the level of thermal efficiency that it provides, one of its key selling points, meaning that it is far better equipped to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

It really has breathed new life into the conservatory market and redefined the expectations of what buyers expect of a home extension.

As with most conservatory styles, you can utilise a Loggia as a supplementary dining or living area, home office, playroom; whatever you want.

To draw even more light into its surroundings make sure that you ask for full height glazing to be incorporated so that the sun has an even greater pathway into the structure.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of Loggia living, pop into our showroom to discuss it further or give us a call.


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