The Big No Nos In Home Improvement Revealed

Homeowners are regularly being encouraged to improve their residences to make them more appealing to buyers, should they wish to sell, and to help increase their overall value.

However, home improvements will only have such a desired effect if chosen wisely as the last thing you want them to do is put people off and devalue the cost of your property.

Wondering what type of home improvements you should give a wide berth?

A survey carried out by Barclays Mortgage has unveiled the following as the Top 10 home improvement turn-offs:

1. Avocado coloured bathroom (62%)
2. Woodchip wallpaper (60%)
3. Stone cladding (54%)
4. Flocked wallpaper (49%)
5. Artex ceilings (47%)
6. Carpets in bathrooms (47%)
7. Pebbledash (43%)
8. Strip lighting (37%)
9. Linoleum (29%)
10. Synthetic wood (28%)

Furthermore, the following have been revealed as the UK’s least favourite house colours:

1. Lime green (37%)
2. Purple (20%)
3. Orange (18%)
4. Red (10%)
5. Yellow (8%)

If any of the above are included in your future personal home improvement plan then we urge you to ditch them at all costs.

Much wiser to go with tried and tested home improvements such as those sold at Orion Windows where we supply quality conservatories, windows, doors, orangeries, porches and roofline.

When you modify your home with any of our products and stick the ‘For Sale’ sign up you’re likely to enjoy a very healthy return of investment. If you choose to improve and not move, you’ll be the beneficiary of a better home.

Pop into our York showroom to see which of our home improvements will work best, something you can discuss in detail with our design and sale consultants.


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