Double Glazing in Yorkshire – Customer Interview

Mr Moretti, a resident in Yorkshire, recently had his old wood windows replaced with our Double Glazing windows. he was nice enough to give us an interview:


Why did you needto replace your old windows?
The old ones were draughty and the wood was rotting a bit around the edges.

So what windows did you buy?
I bought the Casement Windows, because I liked the design.

And what do you like about the new design?
The first thing that hit me was the way they looked, they appealed to me for that reason. I got them in rosewood which I am very happy with. The sales staff told me all the advantages they’d have over the older windows too like saving money on bills.

How happy are you with the new windows?
Yeah I’m very happy. They look really nice and are good at keeping in the heat.

Do you prefer the new PVC Windows to your old wood ones?
I was a bit skeptical at first, as I liked the old fashioned design, but the Rosewood PVC goes with the house and looks sublime.

Is there anything you’d like to add?
Just thanks again and I’d recommend you to anyone looking for replacement windows.

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