Tips For The Best Dinner Party Ever

Come Dine With Me. Don’t worry this isn’t an invitation.

This is, for those of you who don’t know, a hugely popular TV show where a group of people come together from a certain town or city in the country and host dinner parties at their house with each of the attendees voting in secret and the chance to win £1000 cash prize.

Well, thanks to this, hosting dinner parties has become quite a popular thing to do these days. Obviously, if you’re hosting something like this among friends, there won’t be a £1000 prize at the end of it, maybe a bottle of wine but not that huge sum of cash.

Well, if you’re thinking of hosting a dinner party then we’ve got some good tips for hosting the best dinner party that you could possibly host!

1. Guest List

First things first, you need to decide who’s going to be lucky enough to get an invite to your shindig. A good number of people to invite is anywhere from 8-10 people but it depends entirely on how much cooking you want to do.

There also needs to a good mix of people. If you’re bringing together two different groups of your friends, be careful not to invite anyone who may be outspoken or cause trouble. The last thing you want is your mates falling out.

Finally, it’s good to have a reserve list, just in case there’s any last minute hitches and one of your guests can’t make it.

2. Should You Have A Theme?

This is quite an important part to any dinner party. If you decide to have a theme to your party, make sure you send the memo out and make sure that everyone who is down to attend gets the memo “There’s a bond theme” or whatever theme you have in mind.

Not only is it important to make sure everyone gets the memo but it can help you to have a theme too. It can help you with things like the outfit you wear but more importantly, it will help you to narrow down the food you want to serve and the drinks too.

3. The Menu

The menu is yet another thing that will be a bit of a pain to plan. You’ll have the joy of finding a dish that everyone likes, one that everyone can eat and that won’t cost you too much money!

The last thing you’ll need or want is to just presume that everyone will like a certain dish, go out and spend a good wedge of cash on the ingredients only for someone to turn around and say that they don’t like what you’re planning. You’ll have to be somewhat meticulous with this part of the planning/prep of your night.

4. Drinks and Nibbles

This, although it may not seem it, is an important part of any night too. There may be people who don’t drink that are attending your bash and you’ll have to accommodate them with alternatives to alcohol.

Also, nibbles. Nibbles always go down a storm but, you don’t want to end up buying too much or too little. You’ll have to select these carefully and, as you’ll have to with the menu, you‘ll need to check if anyone has any allergies.

5. Dessert

This can be quite a tricky one to get nailed. Different people like different things for their desserts. Some people like sweet, chocolatey things and other people like more savoury things and some people like fruit. Yeah, just plain fruit for dessert.

However, if you’re a bit of a baking fiend then there’s nothing wrong with baking. Just make sure that none of your guests are gluten free otherwise you’ll have to make some separate cakes. Which is more time, which isn’t great really.

6. The Setting

The setting for your dinner party is also vitally important. There’s really only a couple of different rooms that you can choose to have your gathering in. The kitchen if that’s where your table is, the dining room, where I’ll presume you have a dinner table or the conservatory.

A lot of people have their tea and food in the conservatory. Especially if you’re throwing your party in the summer, the sunlight staying around until late at night can be great to help set a fantastic atmosphere.


So, now that we’ve got the most important things out of the way, the rest, as they say is up to you! Just don’t forget things like the music, music is also a vital ingredient!


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