Radical New Flush Casement Windows Introduced By Orion

We expanded our product range here at Orion Windows very recently with the addition of Flush Casement Windows.

Flush Casement Windows

The decision to incorporate these stunning flush timber windows into our already extensive assortment of home improvement solutions came in response to a noticeably increased demand for Heritage-style windows amongst homeowners.

We appreciate that some of you reading this may be unaware of exactly what Flush Casement Windows are and are also curious to find out why they’re such a fine replacement for traditional timber windows.

Why the name ‘Flush Casement’?

They have been given the name ‘Flush Casement’ Windows because it best describes how the window (or sash) sits without protruding the window frame when in a closed position. This makes for an incredibly pleasing flat surface on the outside.

A short history of Flush Casement Windows

Flush Casements are nothing new as they have existed for over 200 years, a time when they would be traditionally crafted from timber. Since the 1950’s, casement window design has massively evolved, including the introduction of lipped casements, however, it was only until lately that modern window materials have been utilised in preference to timber to create this timeless window style.

Various contemporary versions of the Flush Casement have been developed that require none of the tiresome maintenance demanded by timber equivalents and promise greater quality, greater thermal efficiency, greater security, greater durability and a wider choice of coloured finishes.

Though they are visibly indicative of the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras, the clean, square lines of modern Flush Casements ensures they will beautifully complement any property, new or old.

You are also given the option of integrating your personality into them, with add-ons such as astragal bars available. The final say on the handles & stays and coloured finish used similarly lies in your hands.

Flush Casement Windows really do deliver on all fronts and are the ultimate replacement wooden windows for those who need them most. We’re delighted to be able to bring them to you.

To find out more about Flush Casement Windows either give us a call or visit this page: http://www.orion-windows.co.uk/windows/flush-casement/.



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