Why Now Is The Time To Invest In A Home Extension For Summer

The unseasonably warm weather we experienced at the back end of February almost made it feel like summer and it may have left you feeling extremely excited about the actual arrival of summer. Who knows, the unexpectedly high temperatures of last month could have encouraged you to extend home in time for summer with a conservatory or orangery.

Modern Orangery With French Doors

A spectacular summer it would be too if you have the opportunity of enjoying lunch, brunch and dinner inside the glamorous setting these types of extensions provide.

But, it’s unlikely to happen in time for summer 2019 unless you order your new conservatory or orangery now. There is logic behind us saying that…

The design needs lots of planning

You have an awful lot to think about when in the initial stages of buying a conservatory or orangery –

What style of extension do you want? What material do you prefer, aluminium or UPVC? What colour will work best? What about the roofing system? How do you want to utilise the space?

Prior to 3D computer-generated designs of the proposed extension being developed, we will also need to visit your home to conduct a survey, take thorough measurements to aid the installation process and judge where the extension needs to be positioned.

It’s likely that adjustments will be made along the way as you need to completely happy with the finished design before any ‘real’ work gets underway.   

You might need to get planning approval first

An application for planning permission doesn’t need to be made if the extension is a ‘Permitted Development’. More information about Permitted Development Rights can be found here.

When the proposed extension falls outside of Permitted Development guidelines, you will need to submit a planning application outlining details of the extension to your local planning department. It can take 8-13 weeks to find out if the planning application has been successful depending on how complex the extension is.

Take into consideration the possibility of the application being rejected. You will be advised of the reasons behind the rejection and can then modify the extension accordingly, ahead of submitting a further planning application. This can all take time.

It takes time to get used to an extension

Allow yourself a few weeks to get acclimatised to the feel of a conservatory or orangery as we can honestly say that no other room in your house will compare to the atmosphere it provides.

You will obviously have some sort of furniture in there and you may want to play around with the arrangement of it until you come across a set-up that you love. Only once you’re entirely comfortable with it should you invite friends to join you.


You can get a little taste of what extended living is like at our York showroom as we have several fully fitted and furnished conservatories and orangeries waiting to be sampled.



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