3 Things You Can Do To Draw More Light Into Your Home

3 ways of enticing more natural light into your home

Spring doesn’t just bring us nicer weather. It also sees an extension in daylight hours, and our homes benefit from that as the added natural light makes them feel brighter, spacious, and more inviting for longer each day.

This can really boost our mood and make us enjoy home living that bit more than we would normally. 

If you don’t really see and feel this light indoors, that needs to change, and it immediately will once you have made certain enhancements and adjustments.  

Here are 3 of the best examples of how to entice the sun into your house.

Fit aluminium windows

The majority of light that enters into your home does so via your windows, but if you have old windows with thick frames you could be missing out on a lot of it. 

What you need is the latest aluminium windows from Orion as they have a very slim profile, so much so that the glass occupies almost their entire design – more glass equals more natural light – it’s as simple as that. 

The vast expanse of glass in an aluminium window also gives you a greater external view from the inside, and aluminium is also incredibly tough, so this form of window will also offer superb weather protection and security.

The inside of a window

Perform some outdoor upkeep

Is there anything outside your home, say for instance in your garden, that’s preventing the sun from coming in, such as trees, bushes or plants that are overgrown? 

Go outside and give them a trim so that they don’t get in the way. Doing so will leave your interior feeling way brighter than it did before, and a knock-on effect from that is that it may also make it feel warmer too.

An extension with patio doors

Install roof windows or a skylight

Are you making the most of the sky or missing out on it? What you can do to rectify that is have some roof windows added to the ceiling in any rooms that are slightly devoid of light.

A single roof window may be enough or you may need more. Either way, these roof windows will transport light that reverberates around the room. As a bonus, these roof windows can also be opened for ventilation. 

Looking for more light than you will get with a roof window or two? A skylight or roof lantern could be the best option, a feature that will capture the imagination of those within your house and those who see it from the outside.

It will lead to light entering in from all angles, and both products can include tinted glass if you want a particular ambience.

A skylight in an extension

All the aforementioned products are available from Orion if you would like to follow our advice and invest in any of them. How about getting a FREE quote to begin with?


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