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Replacing the existing windows in your home is usually a once in a lifetime job and more difficult than you may anticipate. We advise all customers of this when they make a window-related enquiry online or at our showroom.

Olive Grey Flush Casement Windows

You don’t want to be left ruing a rash decision, so when shopping for replacement windows you should keep the following points in mind.

  1. Any new windows need to be in keeping with the property. For instance, you’d be well advised not to integrate modern aluminium windows into a period residence as they would likely look completely out of place. Find a window style that suits the existing character of the house and enhances it further.

  1. UPVC and aluminium windows require minimal cleaning, but there may be the odd occasion when you feel that they could do with a wipe. You should therefore consider window functionality. Tilt & Turn windows or any other window design offering an inward opening may be to your liking.

  1. Energy efficiency has become an increasingly important topic for homeowners due to the escalating cost of household fuel. Check the Window Energy Rating of all the window designs you come across as this highlights how thermally efficient a window is – the higher the energy rating, the more money you will save and the better it is at keeping heat trapped inside.

  1. When upgrading from single glazing, you can either have double glazing or triple glazing integrated into the design. Your decision may be based on how much money you have to spend, but if the finances are available, you may want to opt for triple glazing for the utmost thermal comfort and affordable energy bills.

  1. The windows of your home are a prime target for thieves. To thwart the attempts of a burglar to break into your living space make sure that any replacement windows have the latest locking mechanisms affixed to them. A sophisticated lock will be capable of withstanding serious force.

If you have a traditional home and your windows need replacing, Orion Windows can help you find a window style that fits perfectly and has all the modern conveniences you’d expect of a 21st Century window. Explore our full window range here.


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