What Are The Benefits Of Having Bi-Folding Doors?

Any prudent homeowner should regularly be thinking of and planning ways of improving the valuation of their property, even if they have no intention of selling up any time soon. Forward planning can really pay off if the time comes when you want to secure a sale at a healthy asking price.

There are all sorts of things you can do that will impress estate agents and attract buyer interest, including updating the décor in the main rooms of your house, adding an eye-catching fireplace or how about installing bi-folding doors!

Bi-folding doors are a brilliant long-term investment

Interest in bi-folding doors has accelerated in recent years and research has found that they can improve the value of your home by 5-10%.

If you’re wondering why they’re so highly favoured by people then you only need to understand the various benefits they offer:

  1. They open your living space or home extension to the outdoors in a truly unique fashion.

  2. When incorporated into the rear wall of your property they merge together home and garden so that they almost become like one room.

  3. The low U-values offered by bi-folding doors will ensure that heat loss is minimised and subsequently reduce the reliance you have on your boiler.

  4. Aesthetically they are stunning and much of the credit for this has to go to the slenderness of the beautiful aluminium frames.

  5. The multi-point locking system assimilated into the design keeps the doors firmly shut when locked.

  6. The overall width of bi-folding doors can consist of anything up to 7 or 8 panes. A 2-pane design is available if space is short.

  7. You can configure bi-folding doors to your liking, including deciding they open from left to right or right to left.

  8. The presence of a brush at one end of the track helps to keep it clean so that the doors will continuously open smoothly.

  9. The aluminium used is extremely lightweight meaning the doors can be pushed open very easily.

  10. Various powder-coated finishes can be applied to the aluminium frames.

You would think that such an extravagant door solution could take a considerable amount of time to fit, but the installation process is relatively quick.

Orion is a skilled bi-folding door installer

Our bi-folding doors will prove invaluable in so many ways, not just in terms of how they will improve your property’s resale price but how vital they will be when it comes to opening up floor space.

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