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If you are looking for ways to increase the size of your home then you may have already considered many different options. Once upon a time, the easiest way to get a bigger home was to simply move house however, a very slow property market and falling house prices have made it very difficult for most people to move. This is especially true for those first time buyers who bought before the market crashed, are stuck in negative equity and have an ever expanding family. The only way to add to your home when you cannot afford to sell or find somewhere better is to invest money in your own home by adding an extension.

There are many possible ways to add an extension to your home however some are easier (and cheaper) than others. Traditionally people have opted for bricks and mortar extensions however; these can generally end up costing a lot of money for the space and value that they add. When you add in the negative effects of potentially getting a cowboy builder or all of the stressful hoops that must be jumped through to achieve planning consent and this option quickly becomes unappealing. You must also consider the amount of space and disruption that the addition of a house extension can cause, if the weather was to turn, it can leave your home cold and draughty as well as generally causing quite a mess. Home extensions do still have a part to play and may well suit your property if you have the space, budget and patience required however, if you just need a little extra space then there are far simpler solutions.

By far the easiest way to add space and value to your home without causing yourself too much stress is to opt for the installation of a conservatory. In doing so, you can create a reasonably large amount of new living space in a very short amount of time; you are also very unlikely to feel the effects of too much disruption in your home. While conservatories cannot add the space for the extra bedroom you may be looking for, they can certainly provide you with room for a home office or even a larger living and dining area. If you are interested in conservatories in Scarborough, conservatories in Otley or conservatories in York then it is worth considering just how much time, stress and money you can save over a traditional extension.


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