Orion Windows Can Help You Win The Fight Against Energy

Yet more energy suppliers have announced that they will be increasing their prices further during the coming year in order to satisfy demand. As the number of people using energy rises and the supplies of energy decrease, it is easy to see why suppliers have to take such causes of action. We do not like to worry about such things and you do not need to worry either when you ask Orion Windows to replace your existing timber windows.

You would be amazed at the amount of energy that gets lost through the frames and glass of traditional windows. They are one of the most prevalent causes of lost energy and are without a major reason why the cost of energy is so high nowadays. Put simply, old windows are not good enough insulators of heat and are often the cause of draughts within the home.

If you are currently experiencing a situation like this or are sick of having to fork out a fortune to your energy supplier, you need to invest in our double glazing. The difference it makes is instantly noticeable as it will ensure that the majority of heat generated from your boiler will stay contained within the room in which the windows have been fitted. This can help improve energy efficiency and will therefore be less damaging to the environment.

At the same time it will also do away with the need for repainting as new windows and conservatories are made of UPVC, a material that does not require a fresh lick of paint, just a good clean once in a while.

There is no sign that the price of energy will stabilise anytime soon, so it makes sense to take sensible measures such as these now. Don’t forget we also offer conservatories in York!


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