Did You Know We Have A 20 Year Guarantee On All Our Products?

Would you go out and buy a brand new car without a good warranty? We very much doubt that you would, and nor should you, just like we would advise against splurging your cash on home improvements that aren’t sufficiently protected.

Modern Orangery Design

Before you commit to buying any conservatory, windows or doors, find out what length of guarantee they come with so that you’re not prematurely left out of pocket making repairs to items at your own expense.

If you are currently in the midst of obtaining quotes from companies for home improvements and have taken notice of the guarantees they offer, you will have seen that a 10 year guarantee is about standard.

That’s not the case at Orion Windows!

20 years of outstanding quality

Orion’s 20 year guarantee is a rarity in this industry, but we have complete faith in our product range to provide customers with at least that length of quality.

During those 20 years, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be left with a faulty window, door or conservatory to sort out on your own.

Every product you see online has been put through countless tests and they’ve all shown that they can perform for a minimum of two decades.

Achieving perfection is difficult. Very occasionally a product may fail in some way, but it’s reassuring to know that Orion can be counted on to come out and rectify things. We do believe though that our products are on the cusp of perfection.

Insurance Backed Guarantee

With our 20 year guarantee also comes a further guarantee – a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

An insurance backed guarantee is an important document to have. What it does is continue protecting your products in the event of us ceasing trading within the first 10 years of you buying them.

Keep away from any company that doesn’t give you an insurance backed guarantee.


A visit to our York showroom is definitely in order if you’re intrigued as to why Orion is able to give you such amazingly long peace of mind. Seeing and feeling our products will explain how.





We invite you to join us at our showroom in York, to browse our many products in person and speak with our team of advisors and designers about your next home improvement project.


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