Do Not Hit The Roof, Look After Your Roofline

Mention the word roofline to some people and they may not have any idea what you are referring to which is surprising when you consider how important it is to the home.

For those unaware of it, the Wikipedia definition of roofline is “roofline is used to describe the fascia, soffits, bargeboards and cladding that forms the frontage immediately below the roof and the eaves of most homes.”

It shouldn’t be so underappreciated though as roofline plays a vital role in keeping a property insulated and free of leakages and once it deteriorates it can have a hugely negative impact on aesthetics.

When fascias, gutters and downpipes drop in performance it can lead to all sorts of unwanted problems, some of which can prove very costly to rectify, that’s why it is much better in financial terms to exchange old roofline for brand new UPVC roofline.

Roofline is something you should always be conscious of and it is sensible to have each individual component assessed every so often to check that they are doing their job properly. This way any potential issues can be identified at an early stage to save any future disaster and either repaired or replaced.

If the latter is required then leave it to Orion Windows to handle it on your behalf as we have an extensive range of roofline encompassing fascias, soffits, bargeboards, guttering and cladding. They’re each manufactured from UPVC too which means zero maintenance will ever be necessary, available in a fabulous array of stylish colours to suit, and they can handle everything the weather throws at them.

We even chuck in a lengthy guarantee with all our roofline options so that you get complete peace of mind.

You can see a selection of roofline at our York showroom so ignore it no longer.


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