How To Make Your New Home More Secure

Purchasing a brand new home is only the beginning. The hard work starts thereon. Some of its current features may not be to your personal taste and you will obviously want to put your own stamp on the place.

There will also be an awful amount of organising and arranging required so that everything is situated exactly where you want it to be.

What you mustn’t forget too is to check how secure the house is. The last thing you want shortly after moving in is for theft or burglary to occur.

Here are 5 routes to a more secure home:

1. New windows and doors

The obvious points of entry for intruders are the windows and doors. If the locks feel flimsy or the glass can easily be removed from the outside then you should have new windows and doors integrated as they contain sophisticated multi-point locking mechanisms and are internally glazed.

2. Fit a burglar alarm

Whether you’re in or out, a burglar alarm will alert you and/or your neighbours to any perceived threat to the house. Make sure that you choose a memorable key code and refrain from giving it to anyone other than those who really need it.

3. Install CCTV

Why not be extra vigilant and use CCTV as a visual deterrent. Once an intruder gains sight of a CCTV system it could make them think twice about attempting a break-in. Those perpetrators who choose to take the risk will hopefully be captured on video.

4. Join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme

The aim of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme is to bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen. Find your nearest scheme by visiting the following link and inputting your postcode:

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