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With many different styles of conservatories on the market it can be very hard to know exactly which one is right for your home. As it is such a big commitment in both time and money it is very important that you get exactly what you need the first time, mistakes can be very costly! At Orion Windows, we have been fitting conservatories for many years and are using all of our experience to help you with this handy buyers guide.


Victorian Conservatory

If you want a traditional and timelessly stylish conservatory then look no further than the Victorian conservatory. With its ornate finishings and large apex roof you can be sure to find lots to love about this style of conservatory. The non-rectangular floor plan does mean that this style is more suited to a larger garden however, if you have the space you certainly wont go wrong with this choice.

Edwardian Conservatory

While similar to the Victorian Conservatory, there are some subtle differences that really help to make this style stand out on its own. With four straight walls you get to maximise the space of your new conservatory and get the most for your investment. Furthermore, the less ornate and slightly more contemporary finishing make this style fit in with any neighbourhood.

Bespoke Conservatory

If you want to get the ultimate conservatory then look no further than a bespoke installation, this will ensure that you get exactly the size and shape of conservatory that you want. The difference with a bespoke fitting is that you can have the conservatory extend across different elevations and even wrap around the house creating a very large space. With custom glass and colour options you can make sure that it fits in with the overall look of your property. If you are searching for conservatories in Scarborough, conservatories in Otley or conservatories in York then be sure to consider this style.


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