National Home Security Month – Is Your Home Sufficiently Secure?

Ever since 2013, October has officially been National Home Security Month in the UK, and its aim is to spread awareness of the importance of home security as the dark autumn and winter months approach.

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Unfortunately, burglaries occur all-year-round, but they’re most prevalent during this phase of the year, and you mustn’t give thieves even the faintest sniff of breaking and entering into your home.

The very thought of arriving home to discover someone has unlawfully robbed you of your possessions should be enough of an incentive to make you firm up security.

Orion has three security-related tips to share to get you started:

  1. Exchange your old windows and doors for modern, secure replacements

A thief will try out as many of your windows and doors as they can in the hope that they can prise one of them open. Any original windows and doors you still have will be most easily breakable due to a weakened frame and / or basic locking system.

The installation of the very latest double or triple glazed windows and doors will vastly reduce the threat of a possible theft because of the resilience of the frame, internally beaded glass and multi-point locking system which engages at various points and in various directions.

  1. Get a house sitter when on holiday

The cleverest thieves know every trick in the book. They will look out for tell-tale signs that a house is unoccupied because of the owner being on holiday, such as a letterbox being full of post or any curtains being drawn in the daytime.

If you’re planning a lengthy jolly-up abroad, ask a trusted friend or neighbour if they would kindly either stay in the house in your absence or regularly visit it to remove any post and open and close your curtains.

  1. Sign up to the local neighbourhood watch scheme

Having as many eyes as possible keeping watch on your home can be a huge help, which you will benefit from when you either join or setup a neighbourhood watch scheme.

According to Nottingham Trent University, residents living in areas covered by neighbourhood watch can expect to experience 11% fewer crimes.

If you click here you will be able to find out whether a scheme exists in your locality.


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