Water Leaks Set To Result In Higher Utility Bills

After it was reported yesterday that the water regulator Ofwat announced that any leaks present in the water systems of the major water companies need not be fixed by 2015, it has now been said that companies will only fix leaks if they are allowed to increase the cost of utility bills. These charges will of course be passed onto the homeowner.
The average water bill has risen sharply over the past decade and with widespread droughts and hosepipe bans in many parts of Britain it is safe to presume that they will rise further regardless over the coming months and years.

At a time when household fuel costs are one of the major outgoings of the UK homeowner, higher water bills are the last thing anyone needs. Here a selection of water-saving tips to help you keep the cost of water down:
• Fill sinks and kettles with only as much water as you need when washing the dishes or making a cup of tea.
• Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, avoid leaving it running, the same goes when washing up.
• Cut down on the number of baths you have and keep the amount of time you spend in the shower to a minimum.
• If the hot water in your home takes a while to get warm, collect the cold water generated and use it for watering the garden.
• Rather than wait for water to go ice cold, fill up some bottles and place them in the fridge.
• Don’t over water your garden.
• Only flush the toilet when you need to avoiding over-flushing.
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