Why Bi-Folding Doors Will Enhance Your Summer Lifestyle

For many people this summer, their home will be their holiday hotspot, rather than some sunny place abroad. 

Home Extension - Bi-Folding Doors

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and it can be equally as fun, with just as many lasting memories made. 

Having a garden helps if you are going to take a homecation, and what else will help in that scenario is some bi-folding doors. 

You can get a bi-fold from Orion with as little as 2 panes, up to a maximum of 7 panes. But why are we so big on them for summer? 

We’ll go into our reasons now:

Perfect blend of outdoors and indoors

You’ve got to make the most of the whole house during your holiday, indoors and outdoors, and a bi-folding door will bring the two settings together when opened partially or fully. 

Your interior will have that outdoorsy feel every time that you push the door leafs to one side, making you feel as though you’re somewhere quite exotic. 

If forced to close the bi-folds because of the weather, you’ll still get a great outdoor view due to the trim frames and vast areas of glass.

Great ventilation

Call us optimistic, but we reckon this summer could be a scorcher – sorry, if we turn out to be wrong! 

When that hot weather comes calling, you don’t want to be feeling excessive heat in your home, and can kill it off by using your bi-folding doors to draw some fresh air in. 

It will fan you down, and cleverly, the glass in a bi-folding door is really good at restricting heat transference. 

Simple outdoor dining

We all like to eat outdoors when away, and you can still do that, maybe by having one or two barbecues over your holidaying period. 

Head to the local butchers for some fresh cuts of meat for your grill, and as they’re being prepared on the coals, keep your bi-folds ajar to make taking out plates and anything else to the dining table really easy. 

When you forget anything you meant to take out, the bi-folding doors will enable you to go in and get it quickly. 

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