French v Patio v Bi-Folding Doors – Which Feature Doors?

Now is the time to start planning for a summer at home. Al fresco dining, relaxing with a book in the conservatory and sunbathing on the patio awaits us.

Bi-Fold Doors Featured on Orangery

In the warmer months, many households understandably want to open out their house, bringing the sunshine indoors and increasing ventilation throughout the property. 

One way to successfully do this is with the installation of Orion’s stunning feature doors.

Choose from our French, patio and bi-folding doors. Each set of doors make indoor outdoor living practical and stylish, creating a brighter, more inviting home.

Sliding patio doors

Our sliding patio doors provide easy access to your garden or patio, perfect when you are lazing in the sun and need to top up your glass of Pimm’s. The doors glide open and close with minimal effort.

If you are tight on space, our patio doors may be the answer. They take up minimal space and actually make your space appear bigger due to the large expanse of glass.

French doors

There’s a reason why French doors are so popular across the continent. If you are a fan of classic style and practicality, French doors may be the perfect solution.

Orion’s French doors make an ideal gateway to your garden and the secure locks and hinges and easy opening make them an extremely functional choice too.

Bi-folding doors 

Our bi-folding doors are successful at getting as much natural light into your space as possible. The slim aluminium frames mean there is plenty of space for glazing, allowing your home to make the most of every hour of daylight.

They can be fully or partially opened, but even when they are closed they provide an unrestricted view of the outdoors due to the slender frames.

Curious about the cost of our feature doors? Request a quote today so you can be ready for the warmer, sunnier weather this summer.


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