3 Reasons Why You Should Fit A Solid Roof Extension

Do you get maximum use out of your old glass or polycarbonate roofed conservatory during our hottest and coldest seasons? We suspect that you probably don’t as conservatories with ageing glass and polycarbonate roofs are renowned for getting exceedingly hot in summer and bitterly cold in winter.

Solid Tiled Roof Orangery

It seems such a shame to leave so much useable space uninhabited at key parts of the year. If only there was a resolution to the problem. Orion Windows’ has one – a solid roof extension.

Removing your current conservatory roof covering and integrating a solid tiled roof in its place will solve everything and remind you why you fell in love with the extension in the first place.

Available in tile or slate form, it will offer sufficient temperature regulation in any weather, amongst at least 3 other things:

  1. Better acoustics

When excess rainfall hits a glass or polycarbonate roof the noise generated can reverberate around the space and prove somewhat deafening.

You won’t have to resort to shouting at one another once a solid roof has been fitted as the thickness of the tiles / slates cushions the impact of rain / sleet to minimise the chances of external sound interfering with your enjoyment.

  1. Stunning aesthetics

The application of a solid roof may lead some to believe that you have invested in a completely new conservatory when all you’ve done is replace the roofing system.

It’s the authentic styling of the lightweight tiles / slates that creates this impression as they’re so incredibly lifelike. They can also be finished in a range of traditional colours that give them that contemporary aged effect.

  1. Lasting resilience

Once your old conservatory roof has been exchanged for a solid roof you won’t need to worry about performing a similar course of action for at least 20 years.

We say 20 years because that’s how lengthy the guarantee is that Orion Windows’ provides to customers as we’re that confident in the quality of our products and our solid roofs are no exception.

If you need further reasons to spend your hard-earned cash on a solid roof extension from Orion Windows, a call back from one of our consultants will likely prove persuasive.


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