The Ultimate Guide To Orion’s Replacement Doors

Not to tempt fate, but it seems as though the awful wintry weather we have experienced over the past few months has finally come to an end. How is your front / back door looking? Has it managed to come through it unscathed or is it looking a little weather-beaten? Any weather-beaten door/s should be exchanged for a new and prettier model, of which they are many at Orion Windows.

Timber Doors

We craft replacement residential doors in four different types of material:

  • UPVC
  • Aluminium
  • Composite
  • Timber

There really is something for everyone, particularly as we also supply our replacement doors in a wealth of classic and authentic colours.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed trying to settle on just one, so here’s a breakdown of what they all have to offer:

UPVC Doors

If you didn’t know, UPVC is an abbreviation of unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, a material utilised in the construction of doors for several decades now.

The inexpensiveness of UPVC is a big selling-point and its thermal efficient qualities are second to none. UPVC is also weather-resistant, a huge plus if you own an original timber door and are fed up of having to dedicate hours of maintenance. Weather exposure will fail to put a dent in the appearance of a UPVC door.

Aluminium Doors

Few building materials can match aluminium for its toughness and its supreme flexibility. It’s this flexibility that makes an aluminium door unbelievably sleek in comparison to some of the weightier alternatives you see.

Most aluminium doors consist of a significant volume of glass and the finish applied to them is achieved using a special powder-coating process. This process ensures that the colour sustains its look and never fades.

Composite Doors

For the next best thing to a timber-crafted replacement door, look no further than a composite door as it is partially composed using wood, along with several other hardy materials. Sat alongside a timber door you will see that a composite door shares an amazing likeness to it.

The thickness of a composite door frame is substantial and dense enough to withstand serious force when fixed shut. It also opens the door (pardon the pun) to a very wide spectrum of coloured finishes as composite doors can be finished in virtually any colour of your choice.

Timber Doors

Now we’re not talking about your bog standard timber doors here. Our timber doors have been specially engineered and are made up of several quality wood-based materials to make them a wooden door fit for the 21st Century home. Don’t worry about rotting or similar afflictions spoiling your door.

We have a superb selection of finishes for our modernised timber doors with everything from Lemon Curd to Mulberry amongst your options. These colours will remain intact with the door itself.

We have a brochure dedicated to composite doors and a further brochure covering the various other replacement doors in our impressive portfolio. Request your copy now to read about our delectable door range in its entirety.




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