What Is The Difference Between An Orangery And A Conservatory?

Most of us know what a conservatory is, but many are not as familiar with the orangery, an alternative form of home extension.

There are definite similarities between the two such as how they are both very spacious inside and beautifully stylish, however, there also some noticeable differences and it is useful to have a clear understanding of both before deciding whether to buy one or the other.

A short history of the orangery

It was in the 15th Century that the first orangeries were built and as their popularity surged, by the time of the 17th Century they would regularly be found at the lavish residences of many aristocrats who would use them to grow fruit trees.

Occasionally, an orangery would be constructed completely separate to a property, but they would primarily be adjoined to the house. The lantern roof is one of the main features of the orangery and is renowned for bringing in an abundance of natural light.

Key features of an orangery

  • Solid brick pillars
  • Large glazed windows
  • A brick or stone base
  • A large, plastered flat roof with a roof lantern

A short history of the conservatory

Like the orangery, conservatories became more widespread across Europe in the 17th Century, mostly because of how alike they were to the traditional glass house and how well they helped vegetation grow.

Improvements in insulated glazing resulted in the conservatory becoming a must-have addition for domestic householders in the 1970’s. This subsequently led to the creation of more sophisticated and diverse conservatory styles.

Key features of a conservatory

  • High volume of glass
  • Large glass roof and walls
  • Has a dwarf wall or solid wall

The main differences between an orangery and conservatory are the following:

  1. More brickwork is included in an orangery design
  2. You will find more glass in a conservatory
  3. Some believe an orangery to be more stylish than a conservatory
  4. Some believe a conservatory better complements the home

The main thing they have in common is:

  • They can both be built in UPVC, aluminium or timber.

The benefits of an orangery and conservatory

  1. Extra space
  2. Add to resale value of house
  3. Much sought after by buyers
  4. Connects home and garden
  5. Offer multi-purpose functionality

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