What Are The Advantages Of Investing In A Porch?

Our porches are a big seller at Orion Windows and you can easily understand why when you evaluate the merits of them.

Front Brick Built Porch

A foremost selling point of a porch is the way it can rejuvenate an entire entranceway and make it more prominent to the eyes of those that come to visit. The absence of a porch could in fact be to the detriment of your house as it could be less conspicuous than a neighbouring property that boasts one.

The positive aesthetic lift a porch gives to a house isn’t the only reason why buying one is well worth the money…

Additional space

Porches can be supplied in various sizes and many of them are surprisingly spacious inside. This space can be used as a place for storage and somewhere you can keep coats, hats, shoes, scarves etc. safe. There should also be enough space for you to add some decorative touches, just like you would elsewhere in the house.  

Buyer appeal

A porch is priceless for many home buyers and could prove a big pull if you ever decide to sell your property. The estate agent you appoint will list it as a significant feature of the house when advertising the property on your behalf.

Increased value

Speaking of when you put your home up sale, you will be able to attract a higher sale price when you own a porch than you would be able to without one. Just make sure that the porch is completely in character with your house as the last thing you want is for it to look out of place.  

Enhanced security

A quality UPVC, aluminium or brick porch will add another layer of security to your home and vastly reduce the chances of someone managing to break their way in. The resilience of a UPVC or aluminium frame and the sophisticated locking system used will see to that.

Simple installation

You will not have to make an application for planning permission if the porch you propose having installed is a permitted development. In any case, most porches can be fitted and operational inside a day or two, so you won’t be kept long waiting for it.

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