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How To Protect Your Home From Water Damage This Winter

It’s not just the cold you have to contend with this winter when you’re a householder as there’s a strong chance of us also experiencing high levels of rainfall and can your home handle unruly rainfall?

UPVC Roofline

A lot will depend on the condition of your roofline. If ‘roofline’ is a term you’re unfamiliar with you may know it better as the fascias, soffits, bargeboards, guttering and cladding attached to the building.

You need EVERY part of this roofline to be in the best possible state as any fragility could make the building more prone to potential water damage when exposed to downpours. Wooden roofline is most susceptible to splitting and you can try and rectify wear and tear by applying a capping board over the affected area/s. This may help for a time but very rarely will it prove an effective long-term solution as capping boards can easily come loose, leaving the area exposed again and you’re back to square one.

A more rational solution to safeguard the property against water damage is to remove any ineffective roofline and fit UPVC roofline instead – fascias, soffits, bargeboards, guttering and cladding can all be bought in UPVC at Orion.

Our insistence on only supplying UPVC roofline is due to UPVC being a weather-resistance material, something that timber definitely isn’t!

New UPVC roofline will also prove beneficial for your home for reasons other than standing up to the rain…

Improved appearance

The instant visual impact roofline has will capture people’s attention and get them talking about the place in glowing terms. UPVC roofline is available in a series of coloured finishes (not just white) and your choice of colour should be determined by the personality of the property.

Low maintenance

Added to its weather-resistance, UPVC also requires the minimum of maintenance so you won’t have to keep climbing up a ladder to look after it. Just try and get into the routine of giving UPVC roofline a wipe down with a wet cloth every few months and removing any fallen leaves from your guttering.

Long lifespan

UPVC roofline certainly has staying power. As with all of our products, it comes with a very lengthy guarantee as that’s how confident we are that it will offer optimum performance over a sustained period. In the unlikely event of you experiencing any problems with it in that time, you are covered.


Don’t gamble on it being a largely rain-free winter. Get a FREE quote for UPVC roofline here.



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