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How To Obtain A Replacement Copy Of Your FENSA Certificate

There is now much wider recognition of the FENSA scheme amongst the British public because of the TV advertising campaign that’s been running over the last 12 months or so publicising it. 

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It’s foremost message has been to implore UK householders to only use FENSA-approved members for their home improvements, and Orion Windows can proudly say that it is one of these members. 

To give it its full title, the Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme (FENSA) is a Competent Person Scheme, responsible for regulating double glazing companies and ensuring that its members demonstrate excellence in all they do. 

Using a FENSA member gives you a guaranteed safeguard against poor workmanship and also sees you receive an invaluable piece of documentation after the work has been done – a FENSA certificate. 

N.B. FENSA certificates can only be issued by FENSA registered installers. 

A FENSA certificate is an acknowledgment of three things. The first is that any windows and doors you’ve had fitted have been certified with your local council. The second is that the windows and doors offer the correct level of thermal efficiency. And the third is that the windows and doors comply with UK building regulations. 

You mustn’t underestimate the importance of this certificate. It needs to be kept in a safe place that you will remember as you will need the certificate if there ever comes a time when you want to sell your house. It tells a buyer that any replacement windows or doors you’ve had put in are up to standard. They will only have your word for that if you don’t have a certificate and that won’t be enough. 

Try not to lose the certificate, but if you do, it can be replaced. 

You will just need to visit the FENSA website and enter your address and ideally, the certificate ID no, paying £25 for the replacement certificate. The installation should come up if it was completed by a FENSA member. 

If it’s you who’s doing the buying, don’t agree to purchase another house until the owner of it has passed on the FENSA certificate for any windows and doors installed after 2002. 

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