Orion Windows Are A Sure-Fire Way To An Affordable Future

When you mention the words energy bills, one of the words that immediately springs to mind is ouch! There are very few other outgoings that have risen quite so sharply over the past few years than the household energy bill, something which has occurred as a result of a shortage of fossil fuels and an increase in demand.
Homeowners are desperately looking for ways in which they can drive down the cost of energy and one such innovation to help them do this in recent years is the implementation of solar technology.
One of the major reasons why solar panels have been particularly attractive is due to the incentive of the feed-in-tariff which rewards homeowners with cash for the energy their panels produce.

However the financial rewards of the feed-in-tariff have been substantially cut within the past year which has led to a lower uptake in this form of renewable energy. So it is back to square one for many people. Not necessarily so as sometimes all its takes is a little modification in the home to ensure that energy bills never get out of hand.
Orion Windows, hence the name, are of course referring to double glazing in Skipton or double glazing in Whitby, as it can cut energy bills to a price that you will find much more affordable.
It manages to do this as it ensures that each time you turn on your heating system that the warmth generated is kept trapped firmly inside the home, with outdoor weather unable to force its way into a property. An over-reliance on energy will never be required again, making for cheaper energy and an environmentally-friendly home.
We offer a total of seven different energy efficient window designs, each of which you can view at your nearest Orion Windows showroom.


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