A Guide To Building Rules & Regulations In North Yorkshire

People thinking about having building work conducted at their North Yorkshire home, such as the installation of a conservatory or orangery, have plenty to ponder.

“What can I afford?”

“How will I utilise the space?”

“Which design will best suit my home?”

They also need to find out whether prior planning permission is required and if the proposed design meets current building regulations.

Neglecting to check out planning permission requirements before progressing with any building work will see a homeowner ordered to submit a retrospective planning application, or return the relevant area of the building back to how it was should the development be in breach of planning laws.

Building regulations are in place to ensure that buildings are correctly designed and to safeguard the welfare of those who use them.

So that you’re not left kicking yourself, let’s take a conservatory installation as an example.

A conservatory will typically be exempt from building regulations when it meets the following criteria:

  • Has a floor area of less than 30 square metres and is built at ground level.

  • External quality walls, doors or windows separate the conservatory from the house.

  • There is an independent heating system with separate temperature and on/off controls.

  • Building regulations are met in relation to the glazing and any fixed electrical fittings utilised.

Should planning permission or building regulations approval be required, you can make the necessary application/s to your local authority via: https://www.planningportal.co.uk/applications.

The building work will be regularly monitored by an inspector during the construction phase to make certain that it meets the necessary standards. The inspector will also be there to provide any guidance when issues occur.

Leave it all in the capable hands of Orion

Does this all sound a little daunting? Do not panic under any circumstances or let it put you off buying that dream home extension or new windows and doors.

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