The 3 Most Popular Types Of Conservatory Today

When you have an expanding family but are squeezed for space in your home, it eventually comes to a point where you have to do something about it. 

Edwardian Conservatory

You could move house, but can you really be doing with the hassle involved with that? It’d be much simpler, and a lot less stressful, to get a conservatory fitted. 

It will give you the extra space you need, enhance your home’s look and also put pounds on your home’s value, lots of them! 

But what conservatory style would you like? 

Something that’s consistent with your own character and personality would be ideal, and that allows you to live the lifestyle you want. 

If you narrow them down, there are really three main categories of conservatory at Orion Windows. 


Glass dominates a classic conservatory and there will usually be a dwarf wall within it, as you will find in most classic designs, such as Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-to and Gable conservatories. 

That ‘classic’ nametag assures you of a timeless conservatory design, one that’s full of substance and will never fall out of fashion. 


A modern conservatory design would make sense if you want to modernise the appearance of your house. 

Your typical modern design will have an internal lighting pelmet, into which you can integrate spotlights so that the extension can be beautifully lit inside at night. 

You can also incorporate a French or bi-folding door into it, two of the most on-trend doors on the market, and opt for a stylish finish, maybe Anthracite Grey? 


Have you already designed your dream conservatory in your mind? Make it reality by opting for a bespoke design, which will allow you to get heavily involved in the design process and stipulate exactly what you want. 

When you go bespoke, you are guaranteed a design that will be unlike any other as it will have all those personalised touches and be specially tailored for your home. 

If you look through the conservatories section of our website, you will see a host of classic and modern styles. Some of them are on offer in our Autumn Savings promotion


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