Do You Know That Orion Has A 99% Customer Recommendation Rate?

Many of the customers who come to us for their home improvements do so because a friend or family member of theirs has recommended they use Orion Windows. 

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As it stands, we have a customer recommendation rate of 99.3%, putting us on the cusp of perfection in the minds of our customers. 

So much of our work stems from recommendations. We’re receiving customer testimonials on practically a daily basis, including this week, which goes to show that recent circumstances have not stopped local householders from wanting to enhance their properties and requesting that Orion help them do it. 

Here’s a testimonial submitted by David Hicks on 1st July, who had a brand-new door fitted:

“The team were extremely efficient, very tidy and paid attention to detail when completing the job. Door looks great.”

We get such a kick out of our customers providing feedback like that. 

Of course, we do get testimonials where customers point out room for improvement in certain areas and for us, this is just as essential as the ones that laud our work. 

Knowing what we’re doing wrong, from those who matter most (our customers), motivates us to do better and make the necessary changes to improve our service offering. 

Until we reach that 100% mark, we won’t be satisfied, and even then, we will strive for more. 

Sometimes it’s a case that a customer has overheard people singing our praises as we’re fortunate enough to have a fine reputation amongst householders in Yorkshire. 

Whatever the reason it is that you choose to approach Orion Windows for new windows and doors or an extension, we promise not to leave you disappointed. 

Not too many other home improvement companies in this region have been around for 30+ years like Orion has, and that speaks volumes of our work and ability to make customers happy. 

Go to our Customer Reviews page to find out why we’re so highly rated.


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