PM Set To Laud Green Energy

On the day of his appointment into office, Prime Minister David Cameron pledged that his newly-formed government would be the ‘greenest government ever’. Critics will say that over two years into his tenure Mr Cameron has failed to deliver on his promise. But according to the BBC, at a clean energy summit today the PM is due to ‘hail the progress made by the UK in the green energy revolution.’
It is also believed that Mr Cameron will stress the need for green energy to become more affordable if we are to make further progress in reaching essential green-related targets.
This is one of the major stumbling blocks that homeowners come across when they wish to invest in technology such as solar panels, they are simply too expensive! Though there is an incentive in the form of the Feed-in-Tariff which repays you for every bit of electricity that your panels generate, unless you secure a grant, the installation of solar panels are beyond the financial clout of most.

However, there are other affordable alternatives which will save you a huge amount on future fuel bills such as double glazing in Yorkshire and double glazing in York. This is because a double glazed window offers energy efficiency and allows you to cut down on the amount of time you turn on your heating. By using less household fuel you can expect a steep drop in your bills, simple as that!
The average solar panel lasts for around 20-30 years and the same can be said for double glazing so there is no doubt that you get value for money. There is a good chance that they will even outstay your presence in the home so that you never need to get them replaced again.
As a further treat to yourself why not also look into conservatories in Yorkshire.


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