How To Give Your Windows And Doors A Festive Touch

How to decorate your windows and doors for Christmas

Whisper it quietly – Christmas is just around the corner!

It’s been another tough year for us all, so it gives everyone a great excuse to really go to town with their Christmas decorations, something that’s guaranteed to lift your spirits. 

Do more than just put up your Christmas tree. Give your windows and doors a fabulously festive look too to add an eye-catching Christmassy feel to the house with Nu-Eco UPVC windows

Double-up on your wreaths

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas if you don’t have a festive wreath displayed on your front door to greet visitors when they arrive for the turkey dinner. 

Did you know that you can also get wreaths for your windows, a traditional American custom? Our friends across the pond go crazy for it, and you can help it catch on in this country. 

A unified wreath with red bows on each window will look so classy, both inside and outside.

A front door with a Christmas wreath

Add fairy lights, lanterns & candles

Your home needs illuminating, not least so that Santa can locate it for his present drop on Christmas morning. 

Put battery-powered fairy lights around your windows, place a few lanterns outside of your door and on any windowsills, and remember to light the advent candle in anticipation of the big day. 

It doesn’t need to cost much to brighten up your abode and you will love the cosy look and feel it adds.

Christmas lanterns

Display festive ornaments

We can guess that you will have accumulated a lot of Christmas ornaments and they need to be unearthed from the attic. 

Your kids may have made some at school when they were younger, such as a clay snowman or full nativity scene, which you should proudly display on your fireplace or again, on your windowsills. 

Found in many Christmas flower displays and thought to be a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem, search for vases in cupboards which you can pop in some poinsettias.

Christmas ornaments

Don’t let your home be overshadowed by neighbouring properties this Christmas. Make it a shining example of festive fun. 

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