Ease Energy Worries With Double Glazing In Yorkshire

The rising cost of fuel bills is proving to be a real sore point for UK homeowners. The Energy Saving Trust have revealed that 62 per cent of calls received are from property owners concerned about the cost of their energy bills with one in five people claiming that it is causing them significant stress.
Philip Sellwood, chief executive of the Energy Saving Trust, said: “There is a pressing need to tackle cold, unhealthy homes. Looking at information from the thousands of calls we receive, it’s clear that this is both a deeply personal concern for many people and a wider social issue.”
In all these cases it is perfectly understandable to see why the current cost of energy would cause a headache as energy bills have never been so high and things are expected to get far worse over the next few years if estimates are to be believed. The Hills Report predicts that there will be a total of 8.5 million people in the UK living in fuel poverty by 2016.

You can relieve all your energy-related stresses by investing in double glazing in Yorkshire as it will prevent the cost of heating from spiralling out of control. Double glazing in York does this as it allows you to use your heating far less than you would have done when you only had a set of single glazed windows present. It manages to do so as it guarantees fantastic insulation all-year round.
Once you have made the financial commitment associated with purchasing a new set of windows you will benefit from long-term gain as the energy savings made over the next 20 years will more than cover your initial outlay. In fact double glazing and conservatories in York will give you more money to spend on your home, your family and yourself.


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