Why A Conservatory Will Be A Bonus This Christmas

We hate to get you panicking but did you know that there only 62 days left until Christmas? It might be wise to start your Christmas shopping if you haven’t already and if you’re planning to play host on the big day, are you absolutely sure that your home is large enough to accommodate all of your loved ones without the need for any emergency chairs?

Sometimes no amount of decluttering seems to help and when your house feels stretched to its limit, you might be best expanding the place with a conservatory from Orion.

We supply and fit an array of conservatory styles, so we’ll definitely have a design that works and proves indispensable not just over the Christmas period, but beyond that.

A Christmassy conservatory is particularly special though for the festivities…

Christmas present opening

The most exciting part of the day is of course finding out what Father Christmas has brought everybody.

You could very easily install a Christmas tree in the conservatory so that Santa can place all the presents underneath it in readiness for everyone rushing down to unwrap them first thing in the morning.

A perfect setting for the Christmas dinner

Once you’ve sat down to watch the Queen’s speech, it’s time for some turkey! Tucking into it inside the conservatory will make the occasion very extra special.

Invest in a suitably sized dining table and set it up nicely with dedicated place mats, cutlery, crackers etc. for each person and maybe add a further bit of decoration to the table to give it a festive feel. It will make the bringing out of the turkey so much more of an event, one that gets everyone clapping and hollering.

Party games

It wouldn’t be Christmas Day without some party games. Create plenty of space by shifting the dining table into the house away from the conservatory and get everyone involved in the fun.

Pie-Face always provides plenty of laughs or how about you all attempt to get your words out properly with Hasbro’s ‘Speak Out’. Even an old-fashioned game of charades will cause widespread amusement amongst the family.

Santa might not be able to bring you a conservatory this Christmas, but Orion Windows might be able to! Make an enquiry today and see what we can do. If you miss out this Christmas, there’s always the next 20 Christmases to look forward to.




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