BIG ENERGY SAVING WEEK – Five Of Orion’s Top Energy Saving Tips

It’s just a few days now until the start of Big Energy Saving Week in the UK which commences next Monday and runs until 27th January. This annual national campaign was established and is run by Citizens Advice.

Replacement Tiled Roof on Orangery Internal

They set it up as they wanted to help people cut their energy bills and advise them of the financial support they are entitled to in this regard as escalating household fuel costs are really hurting some families.

In the advance of the campaign getting underway, we thought we would divulge some of our best energy saving tips…

  1. Change your energy supplier

Around six million households switched energy supplier last year but some people continue to stay too loyal to their supplier and are paying the price for doing so. The Energy Saving Trust recent uncovered that nine million households have been on the same energy deal for the past six years and have lost out on £1,500 because of it.

Switching supplier has never been easier. Just get your bills, input your gas and electricity usage on a comparison site and choose the cheapest package. Your new supplier will then take care of the work involved in switching you over to them.

  1. Organise a boiler service

When was the last time your boiler was serviced? Has it been serviced it all?

It needs to be serviced annually and preferably in the summer as we rely on our boilers most in the winter and the last thing you want is for it to breakdown in the middle of a cold snap.

This is less likely to happen if you have it serviced by an engineer as they will be able to pinpoint any problems and also check to see if it is running efficiently enough. A new boiler will be worth the money if you need it.

  1. Replace old windows & doors

If you feel the cold in your house even when your heating is switched on it’s most likely because your windows and doors aren’t doing a good job of keeping it out and keeping warm air in.

They might be very old windows and doors, in which case they won’t be offering a very high level of thermal efficiency. All replacement windows and doors sold at Orion come with an excellent energy rating and will ensure your house is better insulated so that you don’t have to continue over exerting your heating system.

  1. Make use of your heater’s timer

Generally, we know when we will be in and out of our house. Leaving your heating on when the house is empty just doesn’t make sense.

Time it so that your heating only comes on once you arrive home from work and just after getting out of bed in the morning. It is also pointless having the heating on in any rooms that you rarely use, so turn the radiators inside them off.

  1. Stop over boiling your kettle

Plenty cups of tea and coffee are drunk at Orion and we imagine it’s the same in your household. One bad habit that could be costing you is boiling your kettle when you don’t need to.

Always fill up the kettle with the exact amount of water you need and only flick the switch to get it boiling at the time that you want a cuppa. To put it into context, boiling a full kettle costs around 2.5 pence.


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