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5 Reasons Why New Windows Are A Must This Winter

When putting together your Christmas shopping list why not gift your home too with new replacement windows. Imagine a home without windows – it simply wouldn’t work and goes to show how much they should be appreciated.

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Consigning your old windows to history will be one of the best decisions you ever make, for a number of different reasons.

Eliminate draughts

There’s a very distinct chill in the air and the last thing you want is to feel it when you’re cooped up indoors. Any cold draughts that you feel inside your home are caused by the ineffectiveness of the windows keeping out the elements and retaining the heat produced by your boiler.

Installing new replacement windows will remove draughts from your living quarters and help the indoors feel much warmer.

Cheaper energy bills

Do you want the cost of your energy bills to constrict how much you have to spend on Christmas presents for friends and family? We thought not.

Affordable energy bills will only be in reach if you have windows that provide exceptional thermal efficiency, ideally A+ rated windows if you can afford them. At the minimum you should be looking to install replacement double or triple glazed windows with at least a ‘C’ energy rating.

Resistant to weathering

Who knows what sort of winter we’re in for weather-wise? It’s always best to prepare for the very worst and have windows fitted that are capable of holding up against snow storms and whatever else looms.

UPVC and aluminium are the most commonly used materials for window construction and both promise sustained weather-resistance. You won’t ever need to repaint or even clean them as UPVC and aluminium windows demand only the minimum of upkeep.

Beautiful aesthetics

Christmas and New Year are key occasions in the winter calendar and you may be planning to invite people over to celebrate them with you. Some of them may never have visited your home before so you’ll want it to impress.

A pristine set of UPVC or aluminium windows with a fabulous coloured finish will most certainly create a good first impression and have people talking about the house long after the festivities have concluded.

Improved security

The number of home burglaries committed in the UK rises during the winter months as thieves capitalise on there being fewer daylight hours. You need to be fully on your guard.

Modern windows feature very sophisticated and impenetrable locking mechanisms and possess durable framing to make it almost impossible for thieves to break through them.

Orion has replacement windows to suit period and traditional properties that will give you all of these qualities throughout this winter and many more. Get your copy of our Windows & Doors brochure to see what’s on offer.


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