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Add Value To Your Home With A Porch

An inevitable consequence of living in a house for so long is that you can grow a little tired of the place and get an urge to move elsewhere. When that time arrives you will obviously want the best possible sale price and to attract a quick sale.

White UPVC Porch

The likelihood of that happening will largely depend on several things including the kerb appeal of the property. That kerb appeal will be strong if the front of the building has a beautifully stylish porch integrated into it.

While a porch is a relatively inexpensive investment in comparison to many other home improvement measures, it will add significant value and have buyers bursting to put in a generous offer.

Put out all the stops with a porch

When you see two properties next to each other, one with a porch and one without, the former will almost always outdo the latter in the style stakes.

The ‘Before’ and ‘After’ shots of your home will be markedly different once a porch is fixed in position.  

If you commission a porch installation you’re unlikely to be slowed up by planning concerns as porches generally meet planning laws and the fitting of a porch can normally be finalised in just a few days.

But, let’s not pigeonhole porches just on the basis of their gorgeous looks and the value they add as our porches offer much more than just that…

  • Spacious – you can use a porch for storing all sorts of items e.g. shoes, hats, coats, umbrellas. The space also be decorated in some way such as with the addition of outdoor plants, ornaments etc. A hanging basket outside should also draw extra attention to the porch.
  • Security – it comes with high security hinges and handles, a multi-point locking mechanism, dog bolts and a series of anti-bump/snap cylinders, so it will solidify home security.
  • Insulation – UPVC and aluminium are both thermal insulating materials and the glass we utilise is thermally efficient, halting heat loss and preventing your hallway from becoming draughty.
  • Usefulness – you won’t have to worry about missing any deliveries when you’re away from home anymore as you can always ask for them to be deposited in the porch when permitted.

Our York showroom is the perfect platform for showcasing some of our UPVC and aluminium porches. See why a porch from Orion Windows will be one of the most valuable items you ever buy for your home.


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