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How To Keep The Draught Out Of Your Home

Sorry to alarm you but Christmas Day is only 5 weeks away and it’s almost inevitable that the weather will deteriorate as we get closer to the big day.

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If you’re playing host at your home over the festivities you will want all of your guests to feel comfortable and cosy too.

So that they don’t have to cover up whilst tucking into their turkey, make sure that any noticeable draughts in your house are eradicated beforehand.

You can draught proof your home in 5 ways

  1. Install energy efficient windows and doors

The cold air you feel indoors will be passing into your home via the windows and doors. Once windows and doors start readily allowing draughts into your living space it is a sure sign that they need replacing.

Your best bet is to fit double or triple glazed UPVC or aluminium windows and doors as they will block out draughts and minimise heat loss. The enhanced energy efficiency they provide will also reduce the cost of your energy bills.

  1. Install secondary glazing

You may be prevented from buying new windows and doors due to your financial standing. Not to worry! Secondary glazing can be added to your existing windows and doors to help improve energy efficiency.

It can be fitted in no time at all as it just consists of the application of a supplementary glazed pane on the inner side of a window or door.

  1. Install thermal curtains

Some of the cold that gets through your windows can be stopped from infiltrating your lounge or bedroom via a set of thermal curtains.

Measure up carefully before purchasing any thermal curtains to ensure that they fit perfectly so that the special coating within them is fully effective.

Draw the curtains open first thing in the morning to let in any heat generated by the sun and close them as soon as it starts to go dark to keep out the chill of the night.

  1. Invest in a cover for your keyhole and letterbox

You’d be surprised how much outdoor air enters your home through the keyhole and letterbox attached to your front door. Rectify the problem by attaching a cover to the keyhole and fitting a flap or brush to the letterbox.

  1. Fit a chimney balloon

Your chimney will likely be in use a lot over the winter, but when it isn’t, plug the hole in the chimney with a chimney balloon so that any cold weather can’t force its way down it and invade your interior. Deflate the balloon and remove it whenever you fancy lighting up the fire.

Supplying and fitting thermally efficient replacement windows and doors has been a speciality of Orion Windows for many years. Get a copy of our brochure to view them all and find out how they’ll kill the cold in your residence.


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