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How To Keep The Draught Out Of Your Home

There’s nothing more unpredictable than the British weather. From a scorching hot summer, one of the warmest ever experienced in this country, we are just coming back off what was the coldest October in a decade.

When the sun is giving off gorgeously hot rays, you just go about your home life in supreme comfort and it’s only when temperatures start to plummet that some householders really notice the cold – draughts abound have that effect on a home.

To eliminate any draughts you feel around the house, put these cold-killing tips into practice…

Upgrade your old windows and doors

Draught-proofing any gaps around your existing windows and doors could save you around £20 per year, but it’s a very small saving in comparison to how much you will save by installing thermally efficient windows and doors.

Replacement windows and doors with a high energy rating (a ‘C’ rating is the minimum standard) will also put an end to draughts and offer excellent heat retention, making you less reliant on your heating system in the process. The energy savings will be significant over the lifespan of the new windows and doors and will pay for them over time.

Put up thicker curtains

When you don’t have the money to invest in new windows you could always buy some thicker curtains for any windows that let in draughts.

Thermal curtains and thermal curtain linings can be bought in different thickness levels and will reduce draughts, making the relevant room/s so much warmer. Their thermal coating will significantly improve insulation and they’re available in various colours to help you get curtains that match your colour scheme.

Stick a cap in your chimney

Your chimney will probably be busy this winter if you like to have a roaring hot fire burning in your living room, but some aren’t as fortunate and may have a disused chimney they can no longer use.

The elements can force their way through an open chimney, so consider having a roofer cap the chimney which as it sounds involves them inserting a cap into the chimney opening. A chimney balloon is a better option if you get to use your fire occasionally as you just deflate the balloon when required.

Orion is on-hand if new windows and doors are your first choice draught-proofing measure. Book an appointment to find out when we can have them incorporated into your home.

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