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How To Keep Your Home Secure - Home Security Month

First launched in 2013, October spells the start of National Home Security Month, a UK initiative designed to create awareness around the importance of home security.

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All local householders need to be on their guard against the continuous threat posed by burglars, particularly since it was revealed that there was a 9% rise in home burglaries in the UK between 2016 and 2017.

So that you’re not the next victim of the thrifty thieves in our midst, ensure your home is well protected, especially as we enter into the darker winter months.

Amongst the many precautions you can take include the following home security measures…

Install a more secure set of windows and doors

Traditional windows and doors lose some of their resilience as they age and can become flimsy, making it easier to force them open even when they’re locked. They also have locking systems that are inadequate for the modern-day home and breakable with the minimum of effort.

They should be replaced with the very latest UPVC, aluminium, composite windows and doors as they possess immensely tough frames and have more sophisticated locking systems within them. Just remember to ensure that you always lock your windows and doors as you’d be surprised how many people fail to do that and end up rueing their inaction.

Get a house minder

Of course, you can’t be in your home all the time, as for starters, you’d never be able to go away on holiday. So that you can take off for sunnier climes without worrying about the welfare of your property, have someone keep an eye on the place in your absence.

This trusted friend, neighbour or family member could either stay in the house for the duration of your vacation or pop in first thing in the morning and last thing at night to open / draw your curtains and take in any post from the letterbox. This will make it less obvious that you’re not there.

Install a reliable alarm system

Only 30% of British homes have a burglar alarm which is surprising when you consider that the very sound of an alarm going off is enough to make most thieves have second thoughts about stealing your possessions.  

Get the best possible alarm you can afford as the better the alarm, the less chance there is of someone making an unwanted entrance into your home. The cost of an alarm is small fry in comparison to how much it would cost you to replace all those sentimental belongings swiped by a thoughtless thief.  

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